Textfeld: With MASTER OF TOURNAMENTS you can set up a normal golf competition (round) or combine several rounds into a tournament and determine the winner. The software simultaneously manages up to 1000 Tournaments. The currently golf software available on the market limits the number of rounds usually to four. With MASTER OF TOURNAMENTS the number of rounds is unlimited. Therefore, it is often used for the popular men’s and ladies’ day in many clubs to determine the winner at the end of the season after, for example, 25 rounds.
And these types of tournaments can be played: Singles, Fourball, Foursome, Aggregate fourball, Greensome,  Chapman, Pro/Am - Am/Am, Scramble, Australian fourball and Eclectic. Further Team competitions and Matchplays in the Ryder Cup mode may be organized. In addition to the results for each round, the results of all the rounds are summarized in the tournament rating. Different scoring systems such as stroke play, stableford or bogey play do not matter. For this purpose a special rating system was developed.
Suppose you take your friends on a golf trip and play on five different golf courses a total of eight rounds of golf, five with stableford and three with stroke play. Now you decide that only matches no. two, three, five, six and eight are to be taken into account, and of these only the best three rounds of each player to be counted. With MASTER OF TOURNAMENTS this is quite simple. Call up the Tournament results, with just a few clicks you have made the necessary settings and you can retrieve and print out the total result. Moreover, the software provides an option to calculate birdie and player statistics for each participant.
With regard to all changes of rules, the software is constantly brought up to date. All updates are free!
Download a demo version for Windows-PC and -notebook on your computer, you can purchase the full version for the price of 98,- €.
Operating system up to WINDOWS 7:
Operating system WINDOWS 8 and higher:
New in this Version: 
Several types of round such as foursome, chapman in the same tournament
End results instead of single scores as an option 
Bugs fixed
Should problems arise during the download, you can also download a virus checked version from the download area of ComputerBild. Click on the link below:
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Software to organize golf competitions or combine several rounds into a tournament.

The software is available in English and German.

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